There are 2 ways to set up a Doggy Dare Care - There is the Standard Way and then Our Way!


Many Doggy Day Cares are based in a building with an outdoor space attached ours is not...

Our outdoor space takes centre stage and with over 3 Acres of countryside at our disposal, why wouldn't it? Oh, and we have a building too!

With a secure perimeter, double-gated entrance and trained staff who care for your dog as much as you do; You can go about your day knowing that your dog is in safe hands with us.

The Doggy Day Care is located in our Woodcroft Road Dog Park in Helpston.

We are open between 8 am and 6 pm each weekday and you are welcome to drop off and collect your dog at any time within these hours.

What happens on a typical day with us?

Being a predominantly outdoor location you can expect your dog to enjoy a fun-filled day playing with friends and having a good run around.

The Dog Park has themed areas for your dog to explore including The Log Store, Straw Bales and Meadow Runs. They will roam free all day allowing them the opportunity to explore these areas and play in their own time. Equally, there will be plenty of room for cuddles and all the attention they need during the day too.


Just like children, dogs need the opportunity for a nap after lots of activities.

This helps them process what they've done and is an important part of their day.

Our cosy "Living Room" has all the space they need to rest and we make sure that every dog has some scheduled downtime in their day as well the opportunity for them to wander inside and relax when they want. Our Living Room has a variety of seating and bedding options that will keep even the fussiest dog happy! It is temperature-controlled for optimal doggy comfort and also has a TV and radio for the homely background noises they're used to. 

Whatever your dog decides to get up to during their day our staff will be on hand to play. We have a generous 6:1 dog to staff ratio not only to ensure your dog is well supervised but to make sure we can play and interact with all the dogs equally and at the same time. Your dog deserves the best care possible and dividing our time between more dogs takes time away from them. Our team are expert ball throwers and rarely lose a game of tug... Our dogs love playing with us as much as they do each other... We also give the best belly rubs!

Having this time for your dog and providing them with the best care possible is really important to us. 

Our Doggy Day Care isn't for every dog/owner: As it is based outdoors your dog will be out in all weathers.

Wet days will bring muddy dogs and sunny days will bring wet dogs (because we will definitely be getting the paddling pools and sprinkler out!) for many dogs this all just adds to the fun and weather isn't an issue, however, for some dog owners, it could be a problem. 

We do not have the facilities to properly bathe each dog when they get filthy however we will clean paws and towel dry your dog ready to be returned to you. It is important for us to be honest with you about this from the start - Your dog may not return home as clean as they left, but they will have had loads of fun and been well cared for while they've been out!

Due to the high demand for our Doggy Day Care service, we have implemented a waiting list for places.

We are currently full and unable to take on any new customers are the present time. 

If you are interested in booking your dog into our Doggy Day Care you need to CONTACT us.

A time will be arranged for you to bring your dog down to the daycare and say hello. We will complete the required paperwork and also carry out an assessment on your dog to ensure they are suitable for Day Care. If you do have any questions at all, please get in touch. 



  • 6:1 Dog to Staff ratio

  • Safe and Secure Location

  • Ideal For Friendly, Social Dogs

  • Fully Trained & Insured Staff

  • Scheduled Rest Breaks

  • Dogs Must be Vaccinated