The current situation with Covid has forced us to suspend our puppy socialisation classes.

Our last class was nearly 6 months ago now and since then I have been contacted daily by people who are having difficultly socialising with the new pup they've gotten during the lockdown. You are not alone - However, if we aren't careful we will end up with a generation of un-socialised pups and all the problems that will bring for their later life.

To combat this situation we have created our Puppy Creche.

This new service is designed to be the Covid alternative to Puppy Socialisation Classes. 

This 2-hour session costs just £12 per pup and takes place in our Woodcroft Road Dog Park each Saturday with either a 10 or 1030 start time. 

Pups must be under 6 months old and fully vaccinated to attend our Puppy Creche. 

How it Works

Simply book your pup a place on a Saturday of your choice and bring them down to us.

A member of our team will be on-site to meet you when you arrive and will take your pup into the creche with the other pups. 

You will not be able to remain onsite with your pup nor watch from the car due to Covid regulations.

A few hours later come and collect your tired pup from us and take them home for a nap.

We understand that leaving your pup isn't ideal, after all, you want to see them socialise and watch them develop and have fun.

However, this is the only solution to the socialisation problem we currently have.

Your pup is in good hands with us and our fully trained team will care for them like we do our own dogs.

We will be on hand to help your pup learn how to be a dog and make sure they have a great time and plenty of exercise while they are doing it.