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We Welcome XL Bullies!

Updated: Jan 31

Here at The Dog Play Co, we believe that every dog should have the chance to run around so fast that their ears flap! XL Bullies included - So we will not be excluding them from our Dog Park. Every breed of dog has its good and bad examples, the same with humans! I'm not going to get into my feelings on this discussion... However, what I can do is provide a safe space for XL Bullies to have a good run around. The same applies to other breeds of dog on the banned list (such as Pit Bulls) and the generally anti-social dogs of any breed! Our Private Bookings are exactly that, Private. There will be no other dogs on site so the Dog Park is yours.

However, we do have to insist on a few things before you can book your XL Bullies (and other banned breeds) to visit us... Grumpy dogs can just book as normal! 1) You will need to register as a member with us on our website

2) We will need to see copies of your 3rd Party Liability Insurance as well as Your Exception Cert (we will keep a copy of these on file so will only need to see them once) - Please email copies to

Once we have this information and confirm you as a member you will have access to our XL Bully Booking Page, there you can choose your date/time just like any other customer.

XL Bullies and similar type dogs are only able to make Private Bookings at The Droveway dog park. These bookings are not available at our Crofts Corner dog park. As Crofts Corner is a staffed facility there may be people on-site during your booking and therefore cannot guarantee a secure private space.

All of these changes take place on Monday the 5th of Feb and bookings can be made after this date, once you have registered.

To ensure we can continue to provide a fun place for your XL Bully to visit, we ask that everyone follows these rules. Not only is not following them against the law, but it will also jeopardise the service we offer to all dogs and not just the XL Bullies. Any customer found attending our dog parks with an XL bully-type dog that hasn't registered with us first will be asked to leave. Any customer found attending with a dog we believe could be classed as XL Bully type that hasn't been exempt will also be asked to leave (until proof can be provided from a vet confirming that they are not an XL Bully type dog).

Please Remember...

When arriving at the Dog Park your dog will need to remain muzzled and on the lead. Once you are through the double gate entrance and have secured the inner gate the muzzle and lead can be removed. When leaving you must muzzle and lead your dog before opening the inner gate and heading to the car.

Our XL Bully Bookings have to be slightly shorter to reduce the chances of any customer crossing over, they are 50 minutes long. Please arrive for your booking at 5 minutes past the hour and leave 5 minutes before the hour (eg 905 until 955)

Each XL Bully must have their own handler who is over the age of 18 from your household. This must be on a 1:1 basis. For example, if you have 2 XL Bullies and book with us, 2 people over the age of 18 from your household must also attend.

A few "What Ifs "...

Q - What if I have a mix of dog breeds in my household? A - We have a limit of 4 dogs on our Private Bookings so a mixed house of no more than 4 dogs can come along. XL Bullies must have their own 1:1 handler meaning the other dogs in the group will need to be supervised by another person from the household. A mixed-breed household would need to book using the specific XL Bully booking pages.

Q - What if I want to bring a friend and their dog along to my booking? A - Unfortunately we cannot allow guests and their dogs to attend with you. Our XL Bully bookings are solely for your family and the household dogs.

As always if you have questions please do get in touch.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 26

So pleased to see you’re accommodating XL Bullies and giving them an opportunity to enjoy life in a safe space with appropriate checks and safety measures in-place. I think this is a great!

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