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Hi Fellow Dog Lover!

I'm Jason, Owner and Play Leader here at The Dog Play Co.

I've had a dog in the family from the day I was born. My first dog was an Irish Setter called Monty. He was the thing that got me crawling when I was a baby, he let me practise standing up holding onto his back and then he helped me walk when I was ready to take my first steps. Then there was no stopping us! We caused my parents so much bother! There are photos in the family album of me and him hiding behind the sofa eating a block of cheese straight from the fridge! That's just one of the many stories I could tell you about our antics... I've grown up around dogs and have never been without one, they have been my best friends throughout my entire life. I understand how attached we all get to our dogs, they are our children, small, furry children! I could talk to dogs all day, however, I will get back to the point...​


Over my many years of owning and working with dogs, It's safe to say I've learnt a thing or two about how to interact with dogs... My customers often ask me what my secret is. Why does their dog return home so happy? My secret (if you can call it that) is Playing! Play is the best thing ever for a dog, it's even ranked above food for most dogs! However many owners don't realise how important it is. This is a skill you need to master if you want a happier dog!

We believe that every dog deserves to play, and our mission is to provide the safe facilities your dog needs to do that. We will also offer pointers for the owners! If you stick to a regular play schedule with your dog you will see for yourself how happy they become and you never know, they may get down from the sofa when they're asked... Who am I kidding, it's called FURniture for a reason!

To talk to us about our services and facilities feel free to visit our contact page and get in touch.


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