We've set up our Paid Subscriber Plans to help save you money on our Dog Park bookings.

All our subscriber plans auto-renew each month, however, there is no minimum contract term and you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time in the member's area of our website.

The maximum number of active subscribers we allow for each site is limited to ensure that there is enough availability for everyone.

Once these have gone no more will be available to purchase. However, we will keep this page updated when more become available.

Currently, we have 

plans available to purchase at Woodcroft Road

plans available to purchase at Crofts Corner

To make a booking with us using your Booking Tokens is simple.

First, make sure you are signed in to your account, then visit our Dog Park booking pages and select your desired Day and Time to visit and click the "Proceed to Payment" button. If you are logged into your account the next screen will show you how many booking tokens you have left (if this isn't shown, make sure you have logged in using the correct details), clicking on the "Next" button will take you to the Customer Details page. Check your details are correct on this page and click the "Pay Now" button. Your Booking will then be confirmed.

If you have any questions about our Pre-Paid Plans or how to use your Booking Tokens please feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help.

  • Woodcroft Road

    Every month
    4 Private Dog Park Bookings For The Price of 3
    • 4x Private Booking Tokens
    • Book into ANY available slots using Pre-Paid Booking Tokens
    • Ideal for Weekly Saturday Dog Park Visits
    • Toys, Water, Poo Bags are all Provided