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Q: Why is Play so important to my dog?

A: That's a big question, and to answer it properly I would need to write a book... Leave that with me, it's on my job list!

In the meantime subscribe to my mailing list to receive your FREE Dog Play Guide and to get our email newsletters.

All this should shed some light on the situation for you!

Q: Your Dogs always look so happy. What's your secret?
A: Quality Play, Mental Stimulation and Hugs... Can't forget the hugs!

Q: My dog's recall is unreliable: Can she still join your Group Play Sessions?

A: Yes! Our Group Play Sessions take place in our Dog Park which is secured by 6ft fencing, so a dodgy recall isn't a problem at all. 

Q: Does my dog need to be neutered to use any of your services?

A: No, your dog does not need to be neutered to attend our sessions.

However, bitches who are in season are asked not to attend for 10 days afterwards.

Q: What facilities are at your Dog Parks?

A: There will be a variety of toys to play with during your visit, as well as water and poo bags too!

Q: It will be getting dark during my Dog Park visit, is there any lighting?

A: Yes! Crofts Corner has external lighting around the building. I would recommend bringing a torch though as the footpath leading to the Dog Park can be quite dark. Due to its location, The Droveway dog park does not have any lighting.

Q: Are there any toilet facilities at your Dog Parks?

A: Unfortunately, our sites do not have any available toilets for visitors. 

Q: My dog is not friendly. Can he still enjoy your Dog Park?

A: Yes but you would need to book a Private Session. Group Play Sessions are social play sessions with other dogs.

Q: I have a booking at your dog park, but I don't know where to find you.
A: You would have been sent a booking confirmation email from us (check your SPAM if you've not received this) This email has all the information you need as well as a link to our locations on Google Maps.

Q: I have arrived at your dog park and the gate is locked and no one is here

A: Our dog parks are unmanned facilities so you would need to let yourself in and lock the gate behind you when you leave. All these details are confirmed on the booking email which you were sent when you booked. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven't received this email.

Q: I would like to bring more than 4 dogs to your dog park for my visit. Is this allowed?

A: The 4-dog limit is in place to reduce the disruption to Crofts Corner staff (who may be working onsite) and to the local residents and their parking areas. If you want to bring more than 4 dogs along please contact us BEFORE you make your booking.


Q: I have purchased a Monthly Subscriber Plan and wanted to know when the next payment will be taken.

A: The date you purchased your plan initially will be your renewal date each month.

If you cannot remember when this was you can check the details in the member's area of our website, or you can send us a message and we will get back to you. 

Q: I am trying to book one of your sessions using my Pre-Paid Booking Tokens, however, it's not allowing me to do so.

A: Please ensure you are logged into your account with us. Only then will it allow you to use your Booking Tokens

If you are still having problems then please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

Q: How do I cancel my Paid Subscriber Plan

A: You can cancel your plan in the member's area of our website or alternatively you can send us a message and one of the team will do it for you. There will be no refunds once a payment has been taken however your booking tokens will still be available to use.

Plans can be suspended rather than cancelled if you want. Please contact us to discuss this.  

Q: When will I receive my FREE Dog Play Guide?

A: The FREE Dog Play Guide is sent to you, via email, as soon as you subscribe (Please check your SPAM filter if you've not got it)

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